Where Politics,
and Entertainment
Come Together.
We are a brother & sister team that brings a unique blend of professionalism,
skill and experience to every task we undertake- great or small.  We're both
expert in campaign management and operations, as well as in
and civic organization communication and in the many areas that "overlap"
such as brochure design, fundraising and event planning.

  The MurphComm USA Team Can Give You that Winning Edge!

Kip specializes in policy, issue and demographic analysis, opposition
research and data management.  He is one of the Midwest's most effective and
experienced  campaign managers and field directors, highly skilled at
establishing comprehensive and thriving grassroots organizations and at
recruiting, training and wrangling volunteers.

In addition to campaign management experience, Sheila’s has expertise
in communication strategy,organizational and management structure,
media relations, advertising, branding, professional writing, brochure,
and logo design.  She is a talented singer-songwriter, playwright,
humorist and motivational speaker.
Meet C.X. “Kip” Murphy & Sheila Murphy, Co-Owners of MurphComm USA.
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